Ajay Devgan Singham Review | Hindi Singham Movie Review


Movie : Singham

Rating : 3.5/5
Cast Ajay Devgan, Kajal Agarwal, Prakashraj
Music : Ajay Atul
Direction : Rohit Shetty

Singham Hindi Movie Review Fast and Furious

Tamil blockbuster Singam starring Suriya speaks Tamil. Known for his angry young man roles, Ajay devgn plays the male protoganist. A honest sincere police officer. The movie was a big hit in Tamil. Can it repeat the magic in Hindi. Also this is Kajal Agarwal’s first venture as heroine in Hindi. Check out what the movie is all about.
Set in the backdrop of Shivgad, a small village on the border of Maharashtra and Goa, the movie chronicles the story of an honest and diligent cop Bajirao Singham (Ajay), who fights against injustice and prejudice with his own ethics and principles. However, Singham’s life turns around with the entry of powerful criminal-cum-politician Jaykant Shikre (Prakash Raj). The destiny brings Singham and Shikre in front of each other challenging Singham’s morals and beliefs. Shikre, who rules Goa, leaves no stone unturned to make Singham’s life a nightmare. But it’s Singham’s supportive girlfriend Kavya (Kajal Aggarwal) and his tryst with late Rakesh Kadam’s family makes Singham realise the importance to bring a change in the system and eradicate the root cause Jaykant Shikre, by not going against the law of force, but by being a powerful part of it
Ajay Devgn carries the film to the winning post. His passion and the way he brings an ordinary regular larger-than-life hero character alive on screen is awesome. Much recently he was doing comedy films. Now he has gone back to his familiar territory – action. All is awesome and amazing with him. Kajal Agarwal oozes glanour and appears skimpily in song sequences, but does a decent job. Prakashraj as baddie plays the role he enacted in the original.He oozes right energy and is impressive.
Rohit Shetty has done an commendable job. He has made enough changes in the script to suit Hindi audience without disturbing the story. The songs by Ajay – Atul are peppy and racy, while Dudley’s camera captures action scenes well. Steven H Bernard’s editing makes the movie more crisp. The script is racy and rivetting. Due credit should be given to the director for making it in a rivetting manner.
Singham is a refreshingly native script for Hindi heartland. It has action, romance and humour in right mix. The fiery dialogues make the movie engrossing. Ajay has also beefed up for his role in the film and will be seen flaunting the six-pack abs in the movie.
Box Office verdict
It is a movie that would make it big at the box office. It would surely make it big in B and C centres. With curious south audience want to see how Ajay devgan has stpped into Suriya’s shoes, people in south would also throng cinema-halls.

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