Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook Phone in India

Vodafone 555 Blue Mobile

HTC launched its dedicated Facebook phones in India. HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa and about a month later Vodafone released Vodafone 555 Blue, another Facebook dedicated phone for consumers in UK and now it seems that Vodafone has decided to released Vodafone 555 Blue in India where it is expected to “an instant hit.”

If you haven’t noticed, most people who have a Facebook ID can be found chatting, sharing messages, updates with their social network on Facebook all the time which is the reason why Vodafone 555 Blue will be a hit in Indian markets.

It has mediocre specs but what else do you expect in a phone priced at Rs. 4,950/– It has a dedicated F key, where F stands for “Facebook.” It enables users to share there pictures, videos and status updates directly from the phone.

One more thing to know about Vodafone 555 Blue is that it supports GPRS only, no Wi-Fi and no 3G but Vodafone claims to have optimized the Facebook experience with a low bandwidth optimized app.


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