Vinci 7 Inch Touchscreen Android Tablet

Vinci 7 Tablet

For just $389 you can get your kid started on the path to digital literacy before they even know how to read.

This month, Vinci, the 7-inch touch-pad tablet displayed above, will go on sale through Amazon, which is already accepting pre-orders. “The Vinci is not an imitation — it is a real touch-screen Android-based product, bringing the most advanced technology to the benefit of our youngest citizens,” according to the product’s website.*

Designed to compete with LeapFrog’s new LeapPad, a $99 tablet aimed at 4- to 9-year-olds, the Vinci targets an even younger audience (0- to 4-year-olds) — one it could potentially grow up with for some time. With its protective soft-corner case, this tablet is meant to last. And don’t let the non-toxic packaging or the durable handles fool you: This is far different than any other electronics you’ll find in the baby aisle. Vinci lacks Wi-Fi or 3G capability, but, with a Cortex A8 processor and 4GB of internal storage, it still packs a serious punch — it’s even outfitted with a built-in microphone and a 3-megapixel built-in camera to capture that special moment when your child first realizes just powerful our current computing technology is.

Or when he or she first sees a music video. While the possibilities for this tablet are fairly limitless, Vinci is being launched with a three-pronged content strategy: games, music videos and storybooks. The games designed by Vinci are meant to promote active learning and “to help parents and children explore, talk and learn together within a real world context.” The music videos come from “Baby Haha’s Music Videos Vol. 1,” an album designed specifically for the Vinci to help children develop a variety of cognitive and motor skills. And the storybooks are similar to traditional e-books, but complete with animations and voice prompts that children can interact with using the tablet’s touch-screen.

Dr. Dan D. Yang, the telecom entrepreneur who invented the Vinci, came up with the idea for a baby-focused tablet when she noticed how much her daughter liked to play with her smartphone, according to Vinci’s website. But that raises a question: Are you so tethered to your iPhone or iPad that you can’t allow your baby to play with it, to press a couple of buttons and watch a couple of videos, every once in a while?

*Update, 1:11 p.m.: This article originally implied that the Vinci is a new business venture from Amazon. In fact, Amazon is unaffiliated with this product. It is just selling the Vinci through its online store, where it makes tablets from many manufacturers available.


Citroen Survolt Concept Car

Citroen Survolt Concept Car

Citroen’s latest concept car, the Survolt, is an unusual design study meant to show off a potential all-electric performance vehicle in an extravagant and “high-fashion” package.  The new concept was unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show.

Performance specs were not revealed on the two-seater, but the French automaker does state that the car has a “motor racing punch.”  No specific details were given about the car’s all-electric drivetrain, but it is said to be an evolution of the Citroen Revolte concept seen last year in Frankfurt.  The Revolte is a hybrid model able to run as an all-electric using a rechargeable battery and small internal combustion engine.

As such, one wonders why engineers would make such a heavy use of honeycomb grilles.  Additionally, there seems to be little purpose to the roof-mounted air intake, but again few details were revealed.

Its design was meant to convey an aerodynamic look combining “flowing lines [that] convey agility, precision and vitality – with a powerful, muscular character contained in its refined and luxurious frame,” according to a press release.  The supermini measures in at 3.85-meters long by 1.87-meters wide, making it 65mm longer and 150mm wider than the Lotus Exige S.  It stands rather short at 1.2-meters high, which is taller than the Exige, but shorter than the Audi TT.

Exterior touches on the charcoal, fuchsia, and yellow car include LED lighting at the front, an awkward oval-shaped grille, rear spoiler, and the same rear lighting as the Revolte.  A long windshield gives the appearance of added space inside.

Godrej GC21S53TRB TV

Godrej GC21S53TRB TV

Godrej GC21S53TRB TV is a television having 53cms screen size. Specialty of this television set is that it has been provided with Swivel Base Body Design. Studio design is also provided on this television set.

Godrej GC21S53TRB TV is having the feature of picture enhancer and it can display up to two hundred channels. There are four video modes on this television. 250W PMPO sound can be enjoyed on this television set. There are four sound modes provided. Bass or Balance or Treble options are provided on Godrej GC21S53TRB TV which is having the feature of DVD component in. Users are provided with options regarding channel scheduler and other feature. Child lock facility can be utilized on this television set. Game mode can also be utilized on this television which has got dual AV model also. It is possible to recall the previous channel by channel recall feature. Hotel Mode is another special feature of this television set. Sleep timer of 0 to 240 minutes can be seen on this television and it has been provided with calendar of two hundred years.

Auto shut off feature along with clock timer feature can be seen on this television set. Godrej GC21S53TRB TV is now available in the market with a price tag of Rs.8,500/-

Renault Twizy Car in India

Renault Twizy

Renault says their electric two-seater Twizy concept is a “precursor to vehicles of the future.” If that’s the case, cities of the future might look more like electric kart tracks than slow-moving parking lots.

The tiny Twizy is a faster, sportier interpretation of the dowdy NEV. It might not have the sex appeal of a motorcycle, but it does offer comfortable seating for two and about a cubic foot and a half of storage space. It’ll never replace the F-350 for hauling horse manure on a farm, but it might just work in congested cities.

“Visibility is excellent as both sides of the vehicle are structure-free,” the automaker said in a press release. Ah, the power of positive thinking. It reminds us of a Craigslist ad we saw that advertised, “Four brand new tires were put on after the old ones melted in the engine fire.”

All kidding aside, the Twizy may be just right for those city-dwellers who want a private vehicle but aren’t quite ready to ride on fewer than four wheels. At 7.87 feet long and 3.9 feet wide, the two-seater Twizy can split lanes, weave around larger traffic and park in virtually any space. Recharging takes only three and a half hours, and range is around 60 miles of city driving. If you live in an urban center and don’t want to or are unable to ride a bike or a motorcycle, that’s just about perfect.

Two models will be available. First is the Twizy 45, a 5 HP version with a top speed of 28 mph and a price of €6,990 (around $9,586 at current rates). Thanks to European licensing laws, Renault says it’s ideal “for those who don’t yet have their license or have lost their license.” Next up is the €7,690 ($10,524) “regular” Twizy with 17 HP and a top speed of 50 mph. Lithium-ion batteries aren’t included in either, but they rent for €50 ($68) per month.

Tooling around a city at 50 mph in a lightweight, open-air vehicle? The future might not be so bad after all.

Nextbook NEXT2 Tablet e-Reader

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet

Consumer electronics company E FUN is launching theNextbook line of Android e-reader tablets in the U.S. in November, starting with the new Next2 Andriod tablet computer with built-in e-reader and Wi-fi.  Priced at a budget-friendly $199.99, the Next2 tablet features a 7-inch TFT color touch-screen display, 2GB of memory, an SD/MMC card slot for memory expansion, an MP3 player, and photo viewer. You can also browse the Internet, e-mail, watch YouTube videos, and listen to music online with Pandora and RadioTime.

Nextbook tablets come preloaded with Borders eBook Store application for purchasing and downloading book titles and theNextbook website has a nice demo video showing the ease of turning pages and choosing apps on the Netxt 2’s 800×480 resolution touch-screen. The company is also shipping the device with a protective cover case, 25 books, and some videos and music pre-loaded into the Next2. You’ll also find a calculator and an alarm clock on board. Accessories include an AC adapter, manual, USB cable, and pouch.

Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook Phone in India

Vodafone 555 Blue Mobile

HTC launched its dedicated Facebook phones in India. HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa and about a month later Vodafone released Vodafone 555 Blue, another Facebook dedicated phone for consumers in UK and now it seems that Vodafone has decided to released Vodafone 555 Blue in India where it is expected to “an instant hit.”

If you haven’t noticed, most people who have a Facebook ID can be found chatting, sharing messages, updates with their social network on Facebook all the time which is the reason why Vodafone 555 Blue will be a hit in Indian markets.

It has mediocre specs but what else do you expect in a phone priced at Rs. 4,950/– It has a dedicated F key, where F stands for “Facebook.” It enables users to share there pictures, videos and status updates directly from the phone.

One more thing to know about Vodafone 555 Blue is that it supports GPRS only, no Wi-Fi and no 3G but Vodafone claims to have optimized the Facebook experience with a low bandwidth optimized app.

New 2011 Yamaha R15 Bike India

Yamaha R15 Bike

he new 2011 Yamaha R15 was launched in India today. The new Yamaha R15 in India would be powered by the previous engine, i.e., 150 cc (149.8 cc) that does generate 17 PS at 8500 rpm and a torque of 15 Nm at 7500 rpm. The new Yamaha R15 price in India is 1.07 lakhs (ex-showroom price). The new 2011 Yamaha R15 features alloy wheels and also a rear LED taillight. Rear tyres are a bit bigger than the previous R15.

The front tyre specification is 90/80-17 and 130/70-17 at the rear. The new 2011 Yamaha features a new electronic control unit (ECU), aluminium swingarm that is long, a drivetrain unit, wider tyres, LED taillights, split seats and new tail and middle cowls.

The length of the new 2011 Yamaha R15 is 1970 mm, width is 670 mm and height 1070 mm. The wheelbase is 1345 mm. The kerb weight of the bike is 136 kg. Start is electric. The fuel capacity of the new 2011 Yamaha R15 is 12 litres.

The bike has single disc brake hydraulic front telescopic suspension and linked monocross rear suspension.

Colours available for the new 2011 Yamaha R15 are sunset red, racing blue and midnight black.

Engine type     Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Cylinder arrangement     Single cylinder
Displacement     149.8cc
Bore & Stroke     57 × 58.7mm
Compression ratio     10.4:1
Maximum power     17PS/ 8,500rpm
Maximum torque     15N.m / 7,500rpmm
Starting system     Electric start
Lubrication     wet sump
Fuel tank capacity     12 liters
Fuel supply system     Fuel Injection
Ignition system     T.C.I
Primary / Secondary reduction ratio     3.042 / 3.133
Clutch type     Wet Multiple-disc
Transmission type     Return type 6-speed
Frame type     Delta box
Caster / Trail     26° / 98mm
Tire size (Front / Rear)     90/80-17 / 130/70-R17
Brake type (Front / Rear)     Hydraulic, single disc (Front / Rear)
Suspension type (Front / Rear)     Telescopic / Linked type Monocross
Headlight     Lo beam12V/35W X1, Hi beam12V/35W X2
Battery     12V, 3.5Ah (10H)
Overall length x width x height     1,970mm x 670mm × 1,070mm
Seat height     800mm
Wheelbase     1,345mm
Minimum ground clearance     160mm
Kerb weight     136Kg